Intercultural communication



Do you work with French partners? Are you planning on merging with a French organization? Di you want to expand to the French market? You may have experienced challenges when communication with clients or partners from other countries. A common phenomena: our ways of communicating, our corporate habits change from a culture to another. 

Many Danish and French companies - like yours - aim to strengthen their collaboration beyond these differences and wish to improve intercultural project management. In order to do so, it is important to communicate on common ground and to balance differences and similarities with efficiency.

We offer a seminar in intercultural communication that gives your company an insight into French organizational culture and corporate behavior. Based on your team's specific challenges and goals, these interactive workshops will help you lead successful intercultural projects. Through exercises, concrete problem solving and role play, this seminar will give you tools to beast deal with cultural variations and similitudes. 

Intercultural Communication - French class - Institut français du Danemark


  • Clarify cross-cultural differences and similarities within your specific field
  •  Achieve a better understanding of expectations and corporate behaviors
  • Target communication through tailored-made solving problems
  • Improve working environment and internal communication


  • A tailored-made seminar - we build and plan workshops to fit your needs
  • Each workshop lasts 90 minutes and deals with 1 to 2 topics of your choice (hierarchy, corporate culture, communication, conflicts in the work environment, confidence, etc.)
  • A French teacher and interpreter with in-depth knowledge of both working cultures


  • 4500 DKK/ 90 min. workshop
  • Contact us for more info:

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