Institut français du Danemark

The Institut français is the French cultural centre in Denmark. We are a public French institution that organises exhibitions and concerts with French artists, author lectures, Danish-French university collaborations and much, much more - in short, we strive to be the cultural link between Denmark and France. Our activities are aimed at both Danish institutions and the general public.

We are located at Rolighedsvej 37, in the heart of Frederiksberg, and have a staff of 15 spread over four departments:

  • Cultural Department: cultural cooperation and events
  • Education and research: Danish-French research cooperation and university exchanges, including Campus France 
  • Training department: French courses and language tests 
  • French language promotion: strengthening French in the Danish education system

On a day-to-day basis, the Institut français acts as the cultural section of the French Embassy. We are also part of a worldwide network of French cultural centres, ensuring the exchange of art and culture, knowledge and languages between France and the rest of the world.

The Institut français du Danemark acts as the cultural section of the French Embassy and is part of an international cultural network. With more than 100 cultural institutes worldwide, the Institut français ensures a worldwide exchange of culture, ideas and knowledge between France and the rest of the world.

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Team members

Carl Engelsen Director of the French Institute in Denmark

Viviane Groetzinger Executive assistant

Axel Raphalen Scientific & Academic Science and University Cooperation Officer

Margaux Frémont Communication Officer

Matthieu Bonne Accounting Manager

Emilie Pellegrin Accounting officer's assistant

Nicolaï Gernigon Intern in communication