Fransk sprog

Emmanuel Zimmert
Claire Noël

Our department contributes to the promotion and development of the French language in the various school and association communities in Denmark.

We work with a variety of audiences:

Teachers of French: we provide support and pedagogical advice in 5 main areas:

  • organizing workshops and training seminars;
  • designing and distributing teaching resources (teaching sheets, games and applications);
  • organizing events (International Francophonie Day, European Day of Languages, International Day of Teachers of French, etc.);
  • animating the community of French teachers in Denmark with the professional platform IFprofs;
  • certification of teachers to become DELF examiners (schools).

French learners: from Grundskole to Gymnasium, we support students of French by nurturing their motivation through various actions: mobility programs, competitions, interventions in schools, school cinema screenings in partnership with Cinemateket, promotion and implementation of DELF scolaire in schools and high schools... We strive to give a concrete reality and a positive, modern and dynamic image of the French language and the French-speaking world, and to show that learning French can be useful and fun.

Educational leaders: we propose and develop innovative projects in partnership with the Danish Ministry of Education, the National Center for Foreign Languages (NCFF), French teachers' associations, universities and schools. We are also working to build and consolidate partnerships and institutional exchanges with a view to strengthening educational exchanges between France and Denmark, in particular by promoting links between schools via programs such as Erasmus + or eTwinning.

Find news, training courses, events and educational resources from our department on the website.

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