Image of both the comic book and the film La Guerre de Lulus

"La guerre des Lulus" (2022) in French with English subtitles 

Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, 1123 København K
03.12.2023 / 13:30

Film screening:

  • "La guerre des Lulus" (2022) in French with English subtitles 


  • "La guerre des Lulus" is a film adaptation by Yann Samuell, based on the comic book of the same name created by Hardoc and Régis Hautière. The film follows four orphaned children - Lucien, Luigi, Lucas, and Ludwig - living in a monastery in Picardy, Northern France, in 1914. When World War I breaks out, they find themselves isolated behind enemy lines. In their attempt to reach Switzerland, they encounter Luce, a girl abandoned by her parents. Their adventure brings them into contact with various people, all affected by the war.

Main Cast:

  • Isabelle Carré
  • Didier Bourdon
  • François Damiens
  • Alex Lutz
  • Luc Schiltz

Subsequent Discussion:

  • Topic: "Children and War"


  • Hardoc


  • Thierry Capezzone


  • The events in Ukraine have unfortunately reminded us that children are often the first victims in armed conflicts. But how do you convey innocence amidst barbarity, especially when you are a comic book artist? Why choose the First World War, one of the deadliest conflicts in history, as a backdrop to explore childhood friendships? What messages are directed at young readers in this context?


  • The discussion will be conducted in French, but there will be Danish translation provided by Lone Garde from the Danish Film Institute.

About Hardoc:

  • Hardoc, also known as Vincent Lemaire, is a French comic book artist born in 1975. After studying at the Faculty of Arts in Amiens, he began drawing comics and was recognized by winning the Écureuil d'Or award for best young artist at the Angoulême International Comics Festival in 1996. His first collaboration with Régis Hautière began in 2004 with the work "Le Loup, l'Agneau et les Chiens de Guerre." In 2013, they together published the first volume of the series "La guerre des Lulus."

About Thierry Capezzone:

  • Thierry Capezzone is a French comic book artist, now based in Denmark. After starting his career in France, where he contributed to the Spirou magazine, he published his first albums in the "H.C. Andersen Junior" series, loosely based on the famous author's life. He is now the official illustrator of the iconic little bear Rasmus Klump.