The winners of the biggest French literary awards

Platonic romance, the loneliness of modernity, criticism of capitalism, sexual abuse, reflection, hope and a good dose of new French literature.

It's Christmas shopping time. So why not check out some of the very best French literature?

During November, literary awards were handed out in France. Here we present the books we consider the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the top of French literature 2023.

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  • The Prix Goncourt was awarded to Jean-Baptiste Andrea for Veiller sur elle (published by L’Iconoclaste)
  • The prix Renaudot was awarded to Ann Scott for Les Insolents (published by Calman-Lévy)
  • Kevin Lambert was awarded the prix Décembre and the Médicis for Que notre joie demeure (published by le Nouvel Attila)
  • Neige Sinno won the Femina and the Goncourt des lycéens for Triste tigre (published by POL)
  • The prix Interallié was awarded to **Gaspard Koenig for Humus (published by L’Observatoire)
  • Maria Pourchet won the prix de Flore for Western (published by Stock)
  • Dominique Barbéris won the Grand Prix du roman for Une façon d'aimer (published by Gallimard)